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Geetam vadyam nrityam ch

trayam sangeetam uchhate (trinity)

Music consists of two important aspects sur(note) and laya(tempo). It is hard to separate them though they seem to be two different aspects. Although tabla seems to have concentrated more on the Laya aspect ,knowing the sur aspect definitely brings more musicality to the presentation. I am a disciple of tabla and eventually laya but I am also lucky enough to be acquainted with the sur aspect from my very childhood. Thanks to my learned mother Smt. Hema Deshpande who has given me indirect training in vocal music consistently.

                   It has been six years that I have been teaching and performing in the US . I am fortunate enough to have a musical interaction with Indian as well as  American musicians.I am a humble disciple of Tabla for more than two decades now. My Tabla has evolved as flavors of Farrukhabad and Delhi gharans, a blend of Laykaari and a balanced accompaniment to the vocal and instrumental music over the years .Thanks to my able and learned Guru Pt. Arvind Mulgaonkar, my guide and a great visionary Pt. Sudhir Mainkar, and all the musicians who have inspired me to maintain the spirit and standard of my music high for all those years.

                   After spending that kind of rich time in music, it's my responsibility rather than a  choice to pass  on this legacy to the younger generations.This very sense of responsibility encouraged me to architect my own school, Anubhooti.
                    Anubhooti will cater the need of almost every Tabla enthusiast. We will provide one-to-one individual training, batch training, special preparations for exams and competitions. We will also provide the much needed platform for the students to showcase their talent. We will arrange concerts of musical maestros ,lecture-demonstations, Classical dances and many more. We will also take care of the academic part of the music.As this organization is mainly focusing on training the students ,we also focus on analysis and evaluation of music by conducting seminars and workshops.

                    At Anubhooti we don't teach students merely the musical instrument but cultivate them to feel the divine essence of music, and that's the edge Anubhooti has.

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